Cameron (MainManCam) - 20

Morgan State University (Music Engineering)

"I can use this platform to promote my craft and creativity. I'm a musician. First hand experience in places outside of my own backyard can only give my music more depth and raw emotion. Music is a universal language. I can learn from traveling to different places how to appreciate and incorporate different sounds. Photography can be used as a tool to document and for visual story telling and emotion.

While traveling I can use photography to capture the moment. Also, it's a perfect way to show others what life can truly be. Photography will allow me to make my own album covers and show fans what my life is really like. I want to see the world and I want to share it. It's too big for me to only stay in one place." 


Dream Destination: ENGLAND

Salim - 19

Bowie State University (Music Engineering) 

"I have always been fascinated by photography and how you can capture a moment and save it forever. I am planning to get into the music business as a producer and engineer. Photography would give me another avenue to be able to be involved with the creative process and seeing how making music and visuals coincide. This opportunity will give me a chance to find people from different countries/states to create art with. 

I also just enjoy taking pictures of interesting things I see and I think being a part of "The Looking Glass Project" will help me discover the ins and outs of photography."


Dream Destination: FRANCE

Yami -19

University of Baltimore (Behavioral Science)

"I'm a Puerto Rico native and came to Baltimore when I was 9 years old. I'm a fan of photography and language but I LOVE traveling. I enjoy learning new cultures and experimenting with new things. I speak two languages and I'm currently learning Russian and Arabic. I'm very optimistic and rarely have a frown on my face - I'm a goofball. I lost my grandfather two years ago and if it wasn't for music and art, I wouldn't be where I am today. My grandfather was a loving artistic soul and loved to travel. I want to live a life to the fullest just like him and keep on living his dream. Being a part of The Looking Glass Project will allow me to do that.

Traveling is a big concept in my life. I started to travel when I was only 5 years old. Being able to do this and express myself through pictures is just amazing. I wanted to join this project because it will allow me to connect with other students (around the country and world), make new memories, and try new things. It would be nice to see what other people see (and do)."


Dream Destination: JAPAN


Kajuan (Simba) -19

Community College of Baltimore County (Photography)

"Obtaining a passport and visiting another country to further my horizons in the field of photography will help me reach my personal and professional goals because it's always been my dream to travel the world and show people who don't get the chance to see the beauties of the world. I want to show things from a perspective that is deemed unconventional or show every day things in a way that no one has ever seen before. 

I feel alive looking through the lens of a camera. I love beautiful things, whether it be music, art, nature, etc. All I know for sure is that if I can contribute to the exposure of beautiful things that people see in this world, then I'm all for it." 


Dream Destination: CHINA

Aya - 18

Baltimore City College High School (Design & Fashion)

"This 'Looking Glass Project' experience would be a wonderful opportunity for me. The opportunity to travel abroad would be a global gateway for new experiences. This wouldn't just be recreational for me. It would be educational.  

I've always loved photography. Being able to learn how to capture beautiful moments in my life and the lives of others is very important to me. I've been wanting to travel to Brazil for very long time. To get the chance to experience Brazilian culture and capture my experiences along the way would be an amazing experience. 

Being able to observe fashion styles and trends internationally has been a dream of mine. Getting a first hand look at different cultures adds to my wealth of knowledge and would be a great experience that could open doors for jobs in my future career in design and fashion styling. 

I mean, photography and fashion go hand in hand!"


Dream Destination: BRAZIL


Cameron S. - 19

Morgan State University (Architecture & Planning)

Exploring the world allows me to view the different designs from other countries and cities that I don't usually get to see. It [The Looking Glass Project] will help broaden my imagination, creativity and give me multiple ideas of ways to improve my own city (or any city).

Photography is a huge admiration of mine. Taking a photo, for me, is like being able to capture a part of a scene (a moment in time) and studying it's perfection and being able to relive that moment. 


Dream Destination: GREECE