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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Yes! Fluffy Pop Postcards is a huge part of who I am and what I do. I still have postcards and adventures to share with you! Now, I'm sharing more of who I am with you. As I grow as an artist, I'll be evolving and focusing my skills to align with how I would like my career in photography to progress. 

WHAT kind of camera do you have?

I shoot with a Canon 6D & Pentax M1000. You can see everything in my camera bag here! I've shot with many different camera bodies and lenses. If you're looking to get into photography I suggest using whatever you can get your hands on at the moment and develop your eye, preferences, and style. Upgrade only when you feel as though you've outgrown your equipment. You can always experiment with other cameras and lenses. I suggest visiting BorrowLenses.com and test some equipment out.  Trying to upgrade sooner than you're ready and you could end up paying for fancy new equipment with all the latest updates and no clue how to use them. Disclaimer: It's not the camera, it's the photographer that makes the picture. 

WHAT is the turn around time for pictures?

After every session, I will comb through all of your images and select those that best represent represent my style as a photographer and you as my subject of my lens. For Standard Sessions it is usually between 30-40 images and 10-15 images for Mini Sessions. These images are then carefully retouched, color corrected and prepared for presentation. 2 to 3 weeks following your session, your proofs will be ready for you to view and make the selections to order. The turnaround time for weddings is 4 to 6 weeks.

WHY does custom photography cost so much?

Because it is custom. Anything you receive custom made is tailored specifically to you. I like to take my time with each my clients to ensure that the final product is uniquely them and just what they’re looking for- from the pre-session correspondence, to the time shooting the day of, to the custom retouching every image after your session. Every step and selection is meant to make you look your best! 

WHY do digital files cost so much?

Digital files are the most valuable and versatile purchases. Once you complete your purchases, you will receive a print release. This allows you to make prints from wallet to poster size (and any size in-between), photo books, calendars, mugs, pillows, shirts, keychains or whatever your heart desires at any time. Once you have your high-resolution files, you have no reason to return to your photographer (until it's time to update! *wink*) You can create prints/products from those files yourself -- making the high-resolution digital files priced accordingly considering their value. 

HOW do I book a session?

Just click here! Shortly, you will be contacted with further info. Once your date is confirmed, your contract is signed and returned, and your session fees are paid...You Are Ready To Go! 

WHAT happens if there is inclement weather the day of my session?

Typically, the night before or the morning of your session we will decide how to proceed due to the uncertainty of forecasts. Unless there is a forecast of 60% or more of precipitation, we will proceed as planned. Cloudy days are actually really good for taking pictures. If the weather is bad, we will simply reschedule to the next soonest available date.