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I believe I’m drawn to film photography because of it’s imperfections. The way I’m drawn to people. In the same way I find their imperfections beautiful.
— Schaun Champion

About the Artist

Schaun is a Baltimore and Brooklyn based natural light photographer specializing in portraiture, commercial and social documentary photography. Tying her love of music and vintage film & photography, she seeks to create unique and classic imagery through her art.

Using both dslr and film cameras she captures life with bold and moody palettes helping her to illustrate the vibrancy in the familiar. Quiet observations allow her to explore themes of diversity and nostalgia.

Working with Public Figures, Reality TV Stars, Independent  & Grammy Winning Artists, as well as friends, neighbors and strangers on the streets around the world her journey has lead her to develop the youth travel photography program, A Looking Glass Project.

Additionally, her work has been featured in Essence, xoNecole, Baltimore Magazine, Baltimore Weddings, Travel Noire, Spotify, EyeEm Collections, Blavity, Bustle, The Baltimore Sun, WBAL Baltimore, Brown Girl With A Camera, A.Muse Creative, Soulbounce, and TheBmoreCreatives.